Our Journey

Back in 2004, when Will was a carpenter at a small renovations company, he and his wife bought an old Victorian terrace. When no other furniture would fit the awkward alcoves with wonky walls, Will took it upon himself to make what they needed. He created cabinetry in the colours they loved, the style they liked and in the materials they preferred. It fitted perfectly. And it was perfectly them. He began to take on commissions at weekends, working out of a small workshop, until he felt ready to branch out alone. And so, in the autumn of 2005, he said 'ta-ra' to the day job and ‘Will Mundy Carpentry’ was born.

These days, we consist of Will, his wife Louise, and fellow craftsman Andy. Together we combine to bring beautiful handcrafted furniture into homes across the Heart of England.

We champion fine and natural materials. We’re sticklers for hand painted finishes. But what we really like is wood. And we really know our stuff. We could bore the socks off you at a party, bleating about end-grains and cross-grains, and it may not make for scintillating conversation, but it’s this love of wood, our passion for it, that drives us to create exceptional pieces to compliment your home.

And we don’t much care for fads or fleeting flash-in-the-pan trends. We have our sights firmly set on timeless, classic cabinetry. On functionality and durability. We want our furniture to stand proud, for years to come. Because our furniture is an investment, built to last and serve you year after year. 


Meet The Team

Will Mundy

Will Mundy, passionate designer, maker & craftsman

Creative director and project designer. Will's  dedication to solid functional design has seen him go from strength to strength. Building on decades of experience, he now fuses his cabinetry expertise with innovative design technologies to bring his furniture to life. From concept to completion, he's the man that can!

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Louise Mundy

Louise Mundy, content writer

Louise provides the voice of the company and keeps the cogs turning behind the scenes. She enjoys a varied role, applying her writing skills to marketing and content writing, whilst simultaneously keeping a beady eye on the accounts and finance. Multi-tasking is her middle name!

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Andy Cowburn

Andy Cowburn, expert kitchen fitter

Andy is one of the country's leading kitchen fitters and we're thoroughly excited to have formed a collaboration with him. 

Having worked for prestigious kitchen companies such as Martin Moore, Mark Wilkinson and Clive Christian he now joins us as our main fitter and kitchen coordinator. 

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Three Word Client Testimonials

We asked a few of our clients what they thought of us in three words, and here's what they said...

Mr & Mrs Smith

 "Bespoke, Trustworthy, Excellence" 

Mr & Mrs Crow

 "Conscientious, Excellent, Quality" 

Mr & Mrs Johnson

 "Trustworthy, Creative, Craftsman" 

Mr & Mrs Southorn

 "Fastidious, Perfectionist, Superb"  

Mr & Mrs Wassall

 "Quality, Bespoke, Expertise" 

Mr & Mrs Noon

 "High Quality Workmanship" 

Mr & Mrs Smith

 "Perfection, Professional, Prompt!" 

Mr & Mrs Larkin-Wong

 "Trustworthy Meticulous Craftsman" 

Mr & Mrs Griffin

 "Professional, Prompt, Practical" 

Mr & Mrs Keeling

 "High Quality Workmanship" 

Jaris Garland - I.P. Building

 "Crafts Man Ship!" 

Mr & Mrs Barlow

 "Absolutely Bloomin' Brilliant!" 

Mrs Newton

 "Excellent Professional Manner" 

A Blog A Day...

Actually , we'd be hard pressed to blog daily, usually it's weekly, or thereabouts. When we do write an article, we attempt to share interesting content, to inspire and amuse! To help solve common problems and give no nonsense answers to those frequently asked questions. All wrapped up with a little wit and lighthearted humour. We'd love you to share in our take on the wonderful world of carpentry. Sign up and let us entertain you!