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Design. It's all in the detail...

Computer generated image of a kitchen island unit with white quartz worktops and integral seating

Designs are like seedlings. They start small, but when you give them care and attention they grow and flourish.

This might seem a little over-the-top, and you may well be thinking, "I just need a bigger wardrobe to contain my scarf fetish!". We get that.


But once those scarves are hidden from view, what is it you'd like to see? 

Smooth lines or beaded detail? Brass or chrome furniture? Brushed or polished handles or knobs? There's a lot to think about.

And because we want to get it perfect for you, we take our time to get to know you and the way you use your home. 

We consider what will work for you, and we work alongside you. We listen to your ideas and aspirations. 

Only when we’ve absorbed and processed all this information, do we knuckle down to design creative solutions entirely tailored to you.

Our Benchmark Presentations

Computer generated image of a bespoke kitchen with an aga range cooker and oak parquet flooring

We believe that, to complement our tailor-made furniture, we should offer a bespoke design service to match. That's why we put all our efforts into presenting our designs in graphic images, recreating your room, and enabling you to share our vision of how a design will fit into your space. Each drawing is unique. If you'd like to see designs with more clarity, our photo-real images provide a true life feeling, so you know exactly what you can look forward to.

4K High Res Photo Realistic Images

Computer generated image of a bespoke kitchen with an aga range cooker and oak parquet flooring

They say "a picture paints a thousand words".
That's certainly true when you consider our high resolution images. So real, you can almost step inside them, our 4k photo-sharp images really bring your designs to life. Gauge the depth of colour, the tactile surfaces, and how the use of light can illuminate your space. This is the perfect way to see exactly how your stunning new furniture will look in your home. 

For the love of design..

We take tremendous pride in our furniture designs. 

A great deal of thought, effort, passion, and experience goes into each and every drawing.

We aim to get it exactly how you want it, giving you the peace of mind that when we start to build, there'll be no unexpected surprises. 

What you see, is simply, what you'll get. 

And we're confident you'll love it.

Designed for life

Don’t just take our word for it...

Chris & Sam Matthews

“It's not often I write feedback but because I'm so pleased with the work completed by Will Mundy, I felt compelled to share, to support others seeking bespoke carpentry. Will designed and installed our hot tub decking and seating area. 

Will's ability to understand and interpret my requirements and provide realistic 3D images were amazing, which followed with the superior installation. Working with Will has been the best I've ever experienced with a trade, due to his approach, timeliness, tidiness and of course the quality of his work.

I would certainly recommend Will and plan to use again in the future.”

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