Feel free to walk all over us!

We're big fans of wooden flooring. It's low-maintenance. Tick. Durable. Tick. Easy to clean. Tick.  

And with its proven anti-bacterial properties, it's also hygenic. 

For us, it ticks all the boxes.

We'll happily supply a whole range of flooring, and as long as our knees hold out, we'll fit it too!

We can offer both unfinished and prefinished boards, solid wood flooring and the king of floors- the mighty engineered board. 

Combining softwood and hardwood layers it's renowned for its superior stability. 

And if you cast your mind back to the floor of the school hall, parquet flooring is making a comeback to put 'Take That' to shame! 

Proving more popular than ever and oozing with character, it provides a focal point like no other.


Need your door's trimmed, thresholds supplied & fitted? We can help. 

In the now..

We're always updating our collections to keep things fresh and exciting. Find out what the next big thing is...

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