Garden Studios

A home away from home

Cedar clad garden studio with sliding glass doors set within a wooded area

Vacuum sucking, music blaring, washing machine spinning. Life can be hectic. And noisy. And that's before the toddler tantrums and teenage strops. 

A garden studio allows you to add an extra room to your living space, a place to escape to, away from the main house. 

Somewhere for the grandparents to stay, a place to work, to work out, or simply relax. 

With so many possibilities, the choice is yours. 

Fully bespoke, we can create a garden room that fits your style and space perfectly. 

Exceptionally durable and thermally insulated, our buildings will keep you toasty all year round. 

With their sleek design and timber cladding, they'll compliment the natural environment and provide an attractive focal point in your garden.

And what's more, we'll manage the whole process from start to finish. 

From the initial design through to the interior finishing touches, we have friends in all trades ready and waiting to help bring your room to life. 

Happily, most studios don't require planning consent but should you need it, we're up to speed with building regulations and can help you out with that too. 

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An architect's work space

Contemporary style cedar clad garden studio with sliding glass doors

Built for a local architect, this simple box framed structure is made more 

interesting with inset doors and windows.

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Half & Half

Cedar clad garden studio with sliding glass doors set within a wooded area

A contemporary cedar clad studio, split into two rooms. 

Half office, half storage.

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Our Garden Studios


 Desperate for some much needed extra space? If you have an image forming of what you'd like, contact us to set up an initial consultation where we'll call round, assess your space and discuss how we can bring your ideas to life. 

Invite us for a cuppa!


 You most likely know how you want to use your space, so we'll design a room with that in mind. When we're finished, you'll see a projection of your studio, in photo-real HD. So you can fully visualise how it'll look when it's done.  

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Before we can build up, we need to dig down. We'll manage contractors to lay foundations, put drainage systems in place and run electrics through, if you need them. Generally, we'll take care of what most might call, the 'boring bits'. Unless you're like us, and find concrete pouring strangely hypnotising!

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Once the concrete's dry and the build begins, things start to move pretty quickly. Although each studio is uniquely bespoke, our rooms are always timber framed, timber clad, with aluminium-framed double glazing and stuffed full of high-grade thermal insulation.



Once the walls are plastered, you can really make the room your own. We can supply painters to decorate, or not, if you fancy doing it yourself. Tilers to tile, if you need them, or we're a dab hand at laying wooden fooring. And if you need tailor-made cabinetry to furnish your space, then we'd be happy to discuss that too. Really, the options are endless. It's entirely up to you.

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 When our work's done, and you're marvelling at your new space, we won't simply wave goodbye. We want you as our friends for life! Customer satisfaction is at the centre of everything we do. We're always at the end of the phone, should you need us. 

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Client Testimonials

Jeremy Lim

"I've been fortunate that Will has worked on a multitude of my own projects from small intricate details to larger scale timber frame buildings. His work has been consistently excellent in terms of quality, care and craftsmanship. Will has a natural problem solving disposition and a wealth of experience that is reflected in his ability to take on challenging projects and deliver beyond expectations." 

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