Handmade Furniture - Leamington Spa

Your space, transformed.


Space. We all need it. Most of us wish we had a bit more of it, 

and by using more 'dead' spaces you'll find that clever storage solutions 

will declutter and streamline your home.


Storage solutions

No more worrying where to house the antique crockery inherited from Grandma.

Or the mounting collection of board games. And as for all those shoes...!

What's more, all that delicious shelving and handy drawer space is encased 

in our trademark handmade cabinetry. 

So while practicality and functionality feature heavily, it looks stunning, too!

Part of the furniture...

We'll always aim for our cabinetry to fit so well into your home that it appears to have always been there. 

You'll see that it belongs in its space so convincingly, it blends seamlessly into its surroundings. 

You'll see it not simply as an addition to your home but as an integral part of it. Beautiful to look at and durable in it's functionality. 

It's built to last, (and gaze at adoringly!).

Dry as a...log!

Traditional style oak framed log store with a handmade tiled roof

Custom built oak framed log store. Rustic in its design, to complement

a converted barn and its outbuildings.

Enduring quality

Bespoke alcove cabinet with solid oak drawer and an oak worktop

Handleless drawer with oak interior, 

showcasing a magnificent natural grain pattern. 

Our Bespoke Furniture



If you've an image in your head of what you'd like, contact us to set up an initial consultation. We'll call round, have a cuppa and discuss how we can bring your ideas to life. 

Invite us for a cuppa!



We love designing as much as making so we take our time to get it right. Our designs are presented in photo-real HD, allowing you to fully visualise how our cabinetry will fit into your home.  

Find out more



Where designs become reality. Our passion is in the detail, building with the finest materials to deliver cabinetry of the highest standard, individually tailored to you. 

see what we've done



The beauty of made to measure furniture is that it fits perfectly. Seeing our creation installed in your home is our proudest moment. And seeing the look of joy on your face makes our day! 

the finished article



When our work's done, we won't simply wave goodbye. Customer satisfaction is at the center of everything we do. We're always at the end of the phone, should you need us. 

our story

Go bespoke?

Don't just take our word for it..

Pete & Sally Longden

"The quality of the work by Will Mundy Carpentry shows his passion for his craft. His skills have transformed rooms in our house with precise and elegant craftsmanship, and his attention to detail means the finished product is excellent.  

I would highly recommend Will Mundy Carpentry."

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